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Is AMD about to cast heavy gold buys Sailingsai? Semiconductor is bought this year with great quanti

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2020 second half of the year, semiconductor industry is greeted and buy spring tide.

After afterwards Ying Weida announced 40 billion dollar buys ARM of chip IP big plant in September, AMD be in the news says or also will open up endowment exceed 30 billion dollar to buy FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array, the spot but array of process designing logic) bibcock Sai Lingsai. Add upper mould to draft chip bibcock ADI to announced 20 billion dollar buys beautiful letter this year in July (Maxim) , semiconductor industry buys dimensions to will exceed 90 billion dollar this year.

The United States local time on October 8, report of the intermediary outside having says, AMD and Sailingsai will come to an agreement the earliest recently. Nevertheless, this the negotiation can not assure to reach unanimous agreement, ever had paused before beginning afresh recently considering the negotiation especially. Sai Lingsai just faces reporter of the first finance and economics to express, mix to the hearsay guess do not make a comment.

The 4th big chip designs a company

Layout is amounted to in Intel and Yingwei wider and wider, fall through buying the setting that enlarges business, AMD buys Sailingsai to will abound its product to combine undoubtedly, strengthen competitive dominant position.

AMD buys Sailingsai pretty is reasonable. If AMD wants to follow Intel or Ying Weida contends, must want to do a few buy. The personage inside one course of study tells the first finance and economics, the competition ability that AMD light relies on CPU and GPU to go up in a lot of markets now is more limited, go up in a few application of AI especially. So AMD buys Sailingsai also is reasonable, because Sailingsai is in a few this years the inferential side position of AI is very active, and Sailingsai drives automation, automatically in 5G network, industry wait for a domain to have good performance, the business of OK and patulous AMD.

The personage inside afore-mentioned course of study predicts, if eliminate apple is mixed China for, couplet hair division will exceed after AMD buys Sailingsai, make the whole world the 4th big chip designs a company.

The abundant of Su Zi of CEO Lisa Su(that assumed office 2014) guide below, AMD turns round declining tendency, all obtained right result in jotter and server processor, and from share of old loot of competitor Intel at hand.

Intel business is huge, arrive from 2014 2018 5 years during, intel open is bought buy buy pattern, undertook 48 are bought in all, most with great quantity is undoubtedly buy firm of the 2nd big FPGA with 16.7 billion dollar Altera is bought with 15.3 billion dollar drive automatically company Mobileye.

Nowadays, AMD should receive enough FPGA Sai Lingsai of the biggest firm. Before this, when accepting special report of the first finance and economics, president of Sai Lingsai company holds CEO Victor Peng concurrently to express, as the leading sheep of FPGA, sai Lingsai's competitor is Altera no longer, however the processor business of Ying Weida and Intel.

FPGA is the product that can develop further on the foundation of process designing parts of an apparatus waits in PAL, GAL. It appears as one of domain of special integrated circuit half custom circuit, solved the inadequacy of custom circuit already, overcame again original but the defect with limited exact details of report of door of process designing parts of an apparatus. At present main player includes the whole world Sailingsai, Altera, Lattice(Laidisi) with beautiful) of Microsemi(beautiful Gao Sen. Even if when the chip tycoon such as Intel is designing the chip such as CPU, after metropolis preexistence is emulated on Sailingsai's FPGA, flow again piece.

To answer the challenge of AI times better, sai Lingsai still rolls out ACAP (Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform, get used to computation to quicken platform oneself) . ACAP is the compose of much nucleus different with a compositive height computational platform, core is the FPGA framework of new generation, apply to expedite wide application, include video to turn among them code, database, data is compressed, search, AI concludes, gene group learns, memory of machine vision, computation reachs a network to wait quickly.

Nevertheless, the process designing difficulty of FPGA is taller, to developer, while software develops ability, need understands digital circuit. Victor ever expressed to the reporter, to Sailingsai character, the biggest challenge uses a sex in Yu Yi.

The personage inside afore-mentioned course of study points out, if AMD buys Sailingsai, sequel how to integrated implementation 1+1 is more than the effect of 2 and not allow easy, most at least wants 9 years. Look from Altera, after its are bought by Intel really, in the whole of Altera is behaved and imagining so good. Although Intel above also spent a lot of energy, try to want an all hardware platform to include FPGA to make development with unified software platform, but the development of software, especially the software development tool of FPGA form a complete set perhaps is covered not easy, the investment of AMD is amounted to under Intel and Yingwei.

On the other hand, communication network is significant income source of Sailingsai. Suffer the effect of detailed list of substance of American Department of Commerce, sai Lingsai decreased China for source of this one income, the influence that how AMD solves Sailingsai to get at present also is a challenge.

Buy a climax

According to statistic of IC Insights of market survey orgnaization, before this year 9 months, of semiconductor industry buy dimensions to compare since 2015 any a year much.

2015 is semiconductor industry buys a most year, have exceed 30 to trade, value 107.7 billion dollar; The 100.7 billion dollar that was 2016 next (among them 59.8 billion dollar is finished in a few years subsequently, but connect high buy NXP to wait trade fail to come true) .

Henceforth, quicken as semiconductor industry conformity, semiconductor buys dimensions to be in average and annual 100 million dollars of 25 billion ~300 are controlled. Be worth what carry is, of IC Insights buy detailed list not to include semiconductor equipment supplier, material to produce business, enclose and check a company, and of EDA software company trade.

If Ying Weida, Analog Devices is mixed,AMD trades be born, will exceed easily 2020 2016, make semiconductor and buy the 2nd most year.

Amount to in Yingwei - before ARM and Analog Devices-Maxim, semiconductor industry is bought this year almost backwater not before. IC Insights data shows, semiconductor buys dimensions to have 1.8 billion dollar only first quarter this year; The 2nd quarter gets new hat the influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, reach 165 million dollar only. In addition, sino-US trade friction and the each country government that try to protect domestic semiconductor industry also prevent partial company to try to undertake large-scale buy.

Once Yingwei amounts to what buy ARM with 40 billion dollar to trade,reach, this will become the semiconductor with the greatest throughout history to buy case. But, this trades to still will be in China, Europe and other market are faced with examine strictly. And AMD buys Sailingsai to also be put in more changeful number.

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