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The road of Caesarean destruction of Japan: The intellectual turns to the collective fanaticism that

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This book seems to was not written. Two years ago, " finance and economics " the magazine is editorial of Ma Guochuan " of the country illuminative: The source that Japanese empire rises abruptly " publish, after economist Wu Jinglian looks, say.

Really, come from black 1853 boat door of boat, country is opened, to 1945 Japan announces a surrender at discretion, do not arrive in a century, latter-day Japan experienced found a state quickly, rise abruptly, expand, ruined revulsion, expand especially and the process of fall, to circumjacent country the influence still is put up to now.

Then, ma Guochuan begins to write continuation " national branch road: The mystery that Japanese empire destroys " , focusing from 1912 Ming Zhitian emperor dies 1945 Japanese be defeated this paragraph of history. Plus what writing afterwar rebuild part " national renascence " , he will finish the book of Japanese trilogy to write.

A few years this when write Japanese trilogy, suffer economic crisis was affected 2008, go against thoughts of globalization, nationalism to look up gradually in a few countries and place. At the beginning of 2020, the new coronal of arise suddenly is pneumonic epidemic situation threw into confusion not only order of existing world politics economy, more make certain extreme thoughts even more active. A few countries and area are mixed now the Japan at that time very picture. Ma Guochuan is anxiety-ridden, watch Japanese 1912~1945 instead right now again year the history between, have strong real sense undoubtedly. The biggest inspiration that latter-day Japan history gives a person is, how prevent and overcome enthusiastic nationalism, want vigilant extreme nationalism to kidnap especially whole country and system.

Its are honest " of the country illuminative " be about when coda, ma Guochuan has written the shadow of powerful backside. Bright treat times power use up all one's resources temporarily hill county has friend, founder of since Japan recent ground force, also be in be in power the seed that period buries next militarism. In the meantime, from Ming Zhiwei new begin, japanese constitution has very large hole, army does not accept governmental obligation, however straightforward be at sb's command at the emperor of Japan, cause military headquarters to appear, make when this train derails later, cannot give from national system prevent.

In new book " national branch road " in, ma Guochuan continues to write latter-day Japan to take Japanese branch road in modern exploration from different point of view. Regard a reporter as the person that the history of one's previous experience is written, of media of the Japan when he noticed to become especially and intellectual change direction, the reread after a few years this paragraph of history, send a person all the more thoughtful.

1941, the message with successful Pearl Harbor of Japanese army sneak attack is passed after going back to the motherland, people of Japanese each district is immersed in a victory orgiastic, park assembly, a cup of congratulation is lifted each other in restaurant, the stranger on the ave also each other congratulate, tokyo swarmed genuflect to thank the crowd of the emperor of Japan on the ground on the square outside emperor house. At that time, ordinary people gets the channel of information to come from course extreme force to examine the newspaper after be being examined with ego and broadcast entirely, if say the people's response is right confirm strap Pang to be in " mob " the judgment in, ought have the intellectual that ponders over ability independently, reaction makes a person be surprised however.

The Japan that Japanese dilate disapproves of before is famous inside ideologist bamboo good, in sneak attack Pearl Harbor the dispatch after a month cheers: The history was come out by creation! The world changed face between one night! We witnessed all these. We are quaky because of touching the Mao Ji of cane of well-known poet fast when the move writes in the diary: The warm blood of my old coruscate new student! We made a surprise attack Hawaiian! In addition, japanese philosopher, economist is joined in succession among them, initiate a war to do all sorts of lawful sexes to advertise for Japan from course angle.

Make a person most of astonishment is, be engaged in the intellectual that science studies repeatedly, the careful that also abandoned to be accepted as a child, sober science is normative, the age that joins extreme thought together chorally, for instance Jing Sanlang of fir of physiologist, M.d. begins to advocate Japan physiological.

Nevertheless, as the elapse of time, japanese intellectual also feels war situation is more and more adverse, but they not dare debunk truth, as before chime in with others. Essayist Qing Ze measures in March 1944 " dark diary " in write:

They (intellectual estate) know situation is bad clearly, object east ministerial they are pessimism of the prate when two a few people are together theory, it is very dangerous that when 45 people are together, such going down say, and the apprentice that the difficult when the spirit that should break with 100 million jade is gone to in all sings loudly when 10 people are together, its heart is pessimistic.

Ma Guochuan thinks, say the intellectual should be the last stronghold with counteractive war and blame enthusiastic reason normally, the Japanese intellectual that can be at that time almost deep-set ultraism thoughts cannot extricate oneself. in the not tire of in the book its cite irritatedly the fantastic opinion on public affairs of those intellectuals, it is to once lose the viewpoint of value, meeting after abandoning reason,show an intellectual not only how funny.

" branch road: of the country? Cut up with a hay cutter of  of sandpiper of Ti of  of felt lens Ling?

Ma Guochuan is written

The letter publishs a group in in Feburary 2020 edition

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